Obituary: Nicholas Bausman Sr

Nicholas and Mary (Casper) Bausman

Nicholas and Mary (Casper) Bausman

Nicholas Bausman Sr. is my ggg-grandfather.  This past summer I had the opportunity to meet his great-granddaughter Janice who lives in Iowa. She’s a genealogy enthusiast and had a typed transcription of Nicholas Bausman Sr’s obituary, originally published in the Galena Gazette. The obituary lists his marriage to Mary Casper as occurring in 1849 in Pennsylvania. I’ve seen that marriage date before and it’s wrong.  They married 15 February 1852 in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, as listed in Book A of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Marriages.

Janice also has a beautiful antique Bausman family photo album.  I shot photographs including one of Nicholas Sr. and Mary (see left).

Obituary Transcription:

Mr. Nicholas Bausman was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, August 17, 1823. When 26 years of age he came to America landing at Philadelphia, PA., where he was married to Miss Mary Kasper the same year, 1849. In the following year, 1850, Mr. and Mrs. Bausman continued their journey westward as far as Galena, where they dwelt for a short time, when a tract of land was bought in Guilford Township, the county then being sparsely settled, and four years before a railroad was built in the county.Churches and school houses were very few and far between, but they were contented, being blessed with rugged health, and a determination to make for themselves in this, the then far west, a home in which to dwell during their earthly pilgrimage.

In this they succeeded and lived to see this one of the most wealthy counties in the state. Neighbors in every direction, houses of worship and schools for educating the youth and plenty of railroads to import and export the various kinds of cereals and livestock produced from the perseverance of themselves and their fellow man. Here they continued to dwell in peace and happiness until twenty years ago when Mrs. Bausman was summoned to the great beyond. Mr. Bausman made the family homestead his residence, no other place having enduring charms for him, until 13 minutes of 12 o’clock Wednesday forenoon, April 17, 1907, when he closed his eyes in sleep that knows no waking this side of the pearly gates, having reached the good ripe age of 83 years and 8 months.

Mr. Bausman was one of the best of neighbors. He had no enemies. He had held various township offices and was ever faithful to the trust imposed upon him by his friends. Mr. Bausman was a member of the German Presbyterian church for over thirty-five years and was one of its most liberal supporters. Four sons are left to mourn the loss of an indulgent father. They are Nicholas, who resides on the homestead, Louis, a resident of Guilford township; George resides near Warren and Hon. Lawrence Bausman of Wellsburg, Iowa. All of the sons were home to attend the funeral services which were conducted at the house, in which Mr. Bausman had dwelt so long, at 1 o’clock last Saturday afternoon conducted by Rev. W. H. Bruchert of Schapville and Rev. R. L. Griffin of Scales Mound, assisted by the members of the German Presbyterian choir . During the service at the house the choir sang Rock of Ages. It is A Pleasure to be Born and Saved by Grace. Internment was made in a family cemetery on a farm, where the choir feelingly sang, In the Grave is Rest.

The pallbearers were Messrs. Anton Stephan, J. V. Zawvar, George Schoenhard, George Rittweger, Simon Distler, and August Scheele. A very large concourse of sympathizing friends and neighbors attended the solemn service, to all of which the sons and their families take this opportunity of returning to each and everyone their heartfelt thanks. Those who were present at the funeral from a distance were Miss Clara Lampert, Chicago; Mrs. Nettie Hall, Seymour, Iowa; Henry Bausman, a nephew, and Wm. Steifel of Apple River, and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peterson of Shullsburg, Wis.


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