The Story of My Life by Rev. Herman Emil Studier (Part 2 of 4)

Rev. Herman Emil Studier and Maria Barbara Niedermeyer, 1881 wedding
(photo courtesy of Ken Kelly)

Part two of the transcription from the draft of Rev. Herman Emil Studier's "The Story of My Life." Transcription details Square brackets [ ] denote handwritten additions made in the draft. Draft of "The Story of My Life" by Rev. H.E. Studier is available. (PDF, 2.5MB) The Story of My Life (Part 2) by Rev. H.E. Studier In the year 1862 my parents bought a piece of ground inside of the city wall in the northeastern part of town at a place where Jaegerstrasse (Huntsmanstreet) makes a turn to the southeast, the larger part of the drilling-grounds of the … [Read more...]

The Story of My Life by Rev. Herman Emil Studier (Part 1 of 4)

Rev. and Mrs. H.E. Studier
(photo courtesy of Ken Kelly)

While going through a box of materials about my maternal grandmother's extended family, I came across seven pages of a draft of Rev. Herman Emil Studier's autobiography.  Rev. Studier was the brother-in-law of Dorothea (Bohnsack) Studier, twin sister of Carl Herman Bohnsack, my grandmother's paternal grandfather. Over the next few posts, I'll share what Rev. Studier wrote.  I found it fascinating to read what his childhood was like in Germany, and what brought the family to America. Overview of Rev. Studier's life Rev. H.E. Studier was born 11 January 1859 in … [Read more...]

Iran Hostage from Scales Mound, Illinois

Col. Leland Holland welcomed home to Scales Mound

Since Argo won best picture on Sunday night's Academy Awards, I've been thinking about Colonel Leland James Holland.  He wasn't rescued; he was one of the 52 held for 444 days in Tehran. Col. Holland was a native of Scales Mound, Illinois, a town of less than 350 people. For anyone who regularly reads my posts, you may remember that my mother, maternal grandparents and great-grandparents also hail from Scales Mound. During the hostage crisis, I was in grade school at Platteville, Wisconsin; I remember the never-ending count of days which occurred on the news every … [Read more...]

Google Newspaper Archive

Google Newspaper Archive Snapshot

Today I'm going to share a resource I frequently use: Google Newspaper Archive. I use it to access The Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, Iowa).  Since I'm nowhere near Dubuque, I love that this information is available for free. I use this resource all the time to access one newspaper. It works for me, and I am well aware of the archive's limitations.  I think the best word to describe Google Newspaper Archive is quirky. It's certainly not fully-fleshed out and functioning.  But it helps me, and perhaps it will help you. Has Google posted every newspaper? Don't be silly.  … [Read more...]

Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty Concert Poster

On February 13, I saw my favorite band in concert when Matchbox Twenty came to Western Michigan University's Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo on their 'North' tour. "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips opened for them.  I wasn't familiar with Phillips but I enjoyed his performance. His music didn't seem very Idol-like, but it's been years since I've watched the show. As usual, Matchbox Twenty and their lead singer Rob Thomas were AMAZING! Read review. It's been ages since Matchbox Twenty has toured.  I'd seen them twice before and Rob Thomas' solo act … [Read more...]

Pictures of Me

Mom's trying to teach me to ride a horse - good luck!

So I was going through some of my grandmother's pictures and found a few of me as a child. This was a good reminder to me that not all history is from other generations.  It's good to take a look at your own history. All pictures taken at the home of Grandma and Grandpa Davis [Spud and Marian (Bohnsack) Davis] in Scales Mound, Illinois.  My cousin Dan Davis bought the farm from them in the late 1990s/early 2000s.  Last year, he tore down the old homestead to build a new house. The brick is being recycled. I think my favorite pictures are: the one of me as a … [Read more...]

Hazel Bausman Killed in Car Accident

Hazel Bausman and her nephew Spud Davis

Hazel Bausman was an aunt to my maternal grandfather, Stanley "Spud" Davis.  She died in a car accident in 1929.  I found the following article discussing her accident and published in the Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, Iowa) on November 20, 1929.  I accessed the article at Google Newspaper Archives. I've read several articles on her death and there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary.  But boy, this past summer when I was back visiting relatives I can't tell you how many told me that Hazel's death was VERY suspicious.  Almost like she was murdered. I even … [Read more...]


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