Month: March 2011

Research block: Levi Lightcap

Have you ever hit a wall with your research of an ancestor?  I have, many times, but my current stumbling block is Levi Lightcap, my 3rd great grandfather. More specifically, I’m having trouble identifying his parents.   All I know is that he was born in New Jersey.  Other than that, it’s pure speculation as to who his parents and siblings are.

I’ve been stumped so much that I set up an appointment in July to meet with a researcher at the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  For those unfamiliar, this is the largest repository for genealogical research in the Midwest.  In fact, it’s second only to Salt Lake City as a genealogical resource in the United States.

Anyway, I forwarded about 60 pages of research to them that I hope will generate some leads.  There’s been research done on other Lightcap’s, but none involving Levi.  I’ve found researchers who link him to a brother, but have nothing that verifies this assertion.  Verification is key.  Without it, assertions means nothing.  I’ve not seen any researcher with information about his parents.

I hope that the Genealogical Center researcher can help.  Since Levi died in North Judson, Indiana, and suffered a strange death (he was accidentally shot at work while his son struggled with another man over a gun), I’m hoping they have more information.  The newspaper articles I’ve found have been of little assistance, except a few days ago I found an article in the Wisconsin State Journal that said that three men were arrested after Levi was shot, including his son.  Maybe there’s police documentation that’s available.  But I have no idea how to go about getting arrest records, or even if that’s possible.

I’m writing this down as a research line to pursue in the future.


Family History

I’ve been researching my family history for about 10 years, give or take.  About 5 years ago, I gave up using software that needed to be installed on a computer. Instead I use’s system.  It allows for me to collaborate with my mom about research and let other family members look at it.  If it was only on my computer, I would not have the collaborative opportunity.  Whether this is  a good or bad thing is open to debate.

Anyway, one of the drawbacks to using a proprietary system like is that those who are not subscribers cannot access research and collaborate.  This blog is another way for me – hopefully – to make connections with people who may be researching the same family names.

My primary research is focused on ancestors from England and Germany.  After they immigrated, they settled in the Midwest, primarily in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana.  Some family names are:  Lightcap, Strelesky, Bausman, Deininger, Wulff, Doose, Hebenstreit, and Davis.