Obituary: Vitus Hebenstreit

Vitus Hebenstreit

This obituary is for Vitus Hebenstreit, my maternal ggg-grandfather.  He was born January 6, 1835, in the village of Beverstat, Prussia.  He married Bertha Schafer; together they had five children: Caroline, Andrew, Catherine, and two unidentified children who probably died in infancy. He is buried in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

His daughter, Catherine (Hebenstreit) Bausman, was my g-g-grandmother and she was married to Nicholas Bausman Jr.

The picture of Vitus Hebenstreit was received from Kay Wilson, a contact I met through

The obituary is from my mom; there was no citation.

Obituary: Vitus Hebenstreit

Transcription of obituary:

Mr. Vitus Hebenstreet [sic] died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nick Bousman [sic], Scales Mound, Ill., on Wednesday, June 16, 1920. Deceased was born January 6, 1835, in the village of Beverstat, Prussia, was united in marriage to Bertha Shaffer on the 18th day of January, 1857. His wife, together with three children having preceded him to the Great Beyond. Those surviving are Andrew of this city and Mrs. Nicholas Bousman [sic] of Scales Mound, besides twelve grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren. He came to U.S. in 1861 direct to Shullsburg where he resided until four years ago when he went to his daughter’s home in Scales Mound where he resided until his death. His death was not unexpected as he has been in poor health for some time.

The funeral was held last Saturday at 9:30 a.m. from St. Matthew’s church in this city. Interment was made in the Catholic Cemetery.

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  1. George McDonald says:

    Kathryn- delighted to find your blog here. I am the greatx2 grandson of George Hebenstreit, Vitus’ younger brother who lived in Darlington, Wi. He was the last of the four Hebenstreit brothers who came to Wisconsin, arriving about 1869. I have noticed that there are numerous and varied attempts at spelling the home village of the family throughout the obtuaries and gravestone inscriptions, etc. In case it is necessary I just want to make it clear that the correct spelling is “Beberstedt”. It is located in the Freitstadt of Thuringen (Thuringia), a fews miles from the city of Muhlhausen in Thuringein in the Eichsfeld region. My wife and I spent two weeks there some years ago with my many cousins (descendants of George Hebenstreit’s wife’s brother Wilhelm Schollmeier) The name Hebenstreit is still common in the village and surrounding area. Met quite a few. I would be happy to share any information, photos, etc. I have regarding the Hebenstreit brothers, their ancestry, photos of them and the village. Hope to hear from you. Sincerely- George McDonald (Yes, named after George Hebenstreit!)

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