Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness

My ggg-grandfather was married to Mary Smith. I never focused much on her because, well, her name was Smith. Anyway, I should have focused on her side sooner since I’ve discovered so much about them the past couple of months – ever since I received her father’s War of 1812 pension records. I discovered through these records that Mary’s mother was Rebecca Firestone. Rebecca’s father is Daniel Firestone. Fortunately, there’s been a lot of research done on the Firestones – just not Rebecca descendants.  That’s been left up to me, but that’s okay, I’m up to the challenge.  It’s only taken 9 years…

Anyway, to show generational linkage to satisfy the DAR, I need proof.  Other people’s research is NOT proof, even if everyone seems to use it as fact.  So how to show this link?  Wills!  A will is perfect for this, and I’ve seen a Daniel Firestone will cited, but no one has posted the actual will.

The DAR representative told me about this website called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.  If you are not in the area and need help, there are people registered on this website that offer to help you out.  How’s that for awesomeness?

I filled out a request for the will yesterday, and I received a response this morning.  By this afternoon, the researcher (Deb) contacted me saying she copied the will for me.


Double wow.

How’s that for a quick response?

A sincere thanks to Deb for her assistance. I hope the will contains the information that will show the link that I need.

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