Rebecca (Firestone) Smith Headstone – Thank You!

Headstone: Rebecca (Firestone) Smith

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness is a fantastic website where dedicated volunteers agree to do a free genealogy research task at least once per month in their local area purely as an act of kindness.  I’ve used the website three times and am always amazed when they are able to get my information.

In July I placed a request to Laurie Voss in Kosciusko County, Indiana, for a picture of my gggg-grandmother’s headstone.  Rebecca (Firestone) Smith is buried in Firestone Cemetery in Kosciusko County, Indiana. Laurie was unable to find the headstone and, while disappointed, I wasn’t surprised.  It was a family cemetery, so the headstone could have weathered away since she died in 1890.

Imagine my surprise and delight to receive an email from Laurie yesterday saying that she found the headstone and she attached an image! Look at the picture; she had to trudge through an overgrown cemetery lot to get this picture. For her trouble, she got covered in burrs!

Much appreciation to Laurie and for providing invaluable assistance!

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