Biography: Nicholas Bausman Sr

Headstone: Nicholas Sr and Mary (Casper) Bausman

Nicholas Bausman Sr’s of Guilford Township, Illinois, appeared in the “Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess and Carroll Counties, Illinois” (1889), p. 444.

Nicholas Sr. was my ggg-grandfather and was married to Mary Casper.  He died in 1907; he was buried on their land, near Scales Mound, Illinois.

Enjoy his biography!

Nicholas Bausman Sr. In the person of this highly esteemed German citizen of Guilford Township we have the perfect type of the industrious, honest, and economical farmer. He is one of the pioneers of this county, and by the opening up and cultivation of a good farm of 155 acres on section 2, has contributed thus much to the development of its resources. He has partially retired from the active labors of life, but continues to reside at the old homestead, which is operated by his son, Nicholas, Jr. He has taken pride in the progress of his adopted county, in his pioneership, his prosperity, and his children; and none can blame him; for he has certainly made a good record.

A native of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, Mr. Bausman was born Aug. 17, 1823; was given a good education in the schools of his native Empire, and reared in the doctrines of the Lutheran Church, in which he was confirmed at the age of fourteen years. Ten years later he met his first great affliction in the death of his mother; and the year following in 1849, set out for America. He was accompanied by his brother Phillip, they coming directly to this county, of which the latter also became a prominent resident, and later Deputy Sheriff. Two sisters had preceded them to the New World and located in this county.

Mr. Bausman first employed himself as a farm-laborer in Guilford Township, having in view in due time the establishment of a home of his own; for he had been betrothed in his native Germany to Miss Mary Casper, who came to America in 1849, and they were married in Guilford Township, April, 1853. This lady was the daughter of Paul Casper, and was born not far from the childhood home of her husband in Hesse-Darmstadt. Our subject, after his marriage, purchased thirty acres of land, which is now included in his present farm, and upon this the young people settled, and thereafter labored with one mutual purpose in the building up of a home. Ten children came to bless their congenial union, and the mother passed away Sept. 17, 1887, at the age of sixty-one years. Their eldest daughter, Mary, and the next child, Phillip, died in infancy. Henry died at the age of four years; Charles, Monteine, Nicholas, and George lived in Jo Daviess County, Ill.; John died when a promising young man of twenty-six years; Lawrence, Iona, and Louis are in Guilford Township; Jacob died in infancy; Charles is engaged in silver mining near Butte City, Mont.; he married Miss Lucy Roy, of Butte City, Mont. Nicholas, Jr. married Miss Katie Hebenstreit; they have two children named May and Clement; and he has charge of the farm; and Lawrence is farming in Grundy County, Iowa; George married Miss Rachel Miller, and is farming in Guilford Township; they have three children – Nicholas, George and John. Lawrence married Miss Minnie Buitz, and is the father of one child, Rosa Bell.

Mr. Bausman and his family all belong to the Presbyterian Church at Scales Mound. Our subject, politically, is a decided Democrat, and has been a School Director in his district for a period of eighteen years. He served as Highway Commissioner one term. As one of the solid men of Guilford Township he is well worthy of representation in a work of this kind.

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  1. Luke Hess says:

    Your great great great grandfather is the brother in law of my great great great grandfather, Jacob Hess. Christina Casper-Hess was the sister of Mary Casper, your great great great grandfather. The Bausmans had the money for the train fare to go to the Midwest, but Jacob had to stay behind with Christina to work to save up money for the train fare. They eventually settled 125 miles north of NYC and started a farm which is still in the family. Send me your email if you want to share more information.

    1. Jean Turk says:

      This is very interesting, Luke. I would be interested in any information that you have. Love to you and Katie..Aunt Jean

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