Marriage: Amelia Strelesky and James Arthur Moore

Amelia “Millie” Strelesky was a younger sister to my great-grandfather, John Joseph “Jack” Strelesky. Millie was born July 1883 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  She was the fifth of eight children born to Frank and Fannie (Hainey) Strelesky.  Millie married James Arthur Moore on May 21, 1907, at Superior, Douglas Co, Wisconsin.  They had two children: Dorothy and Albert.  According to letter written by my grandmother’s sister, Alice (Strelesky) Humphrey, Millie and James divorced and she raised the children by herself.

Here is the transcribed information from the marriage certificate:

  1. Full name of husband:  James Arthur Moore
  2. Name of the father of husband:  Fred M. Moore
  3. Name of mother of husband before marriage: Amanda Alice Atkinson
  4. Occupation of husband: machinist
  5. Residence of husband: Council Bluffs, Iowa
  6. Birthplace of husband: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  7. Full name of wife previous to marriage: Amelia Strelesky
  8. Name of the father of wife: Frank Strelesky
  9. Name of the mother of wife before marriage: Fannie Hainey
  10. Birthplace of wife: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
  11. The color of the parties: white
  12. No. and date of license: 481. May 21st 1907
  13. Time when marriage was contracted: May 21st 1907
  14. The place, town or township , and county, where marriage was contracted: Superior Wisconsin
  15. By what ceremony contracted: civil magistrate
  16. Name of subscribing witnesses: Sarah McCrea, Superior Wis; Annie S. Colesman, Superior, Wis.
  17. Name of person pronouncing marriage: J.B. French
  18. Date of certificate or affidavit of marriage: Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin
  19. Date of registration: May 21st a.d. 1907
  20. Any additional circumstances: May 23rd 1907

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