Singer Catholic Cemetery

Headstone: Clement Bausman

I’ve been wanting to visit Singer Catholic Cemetery in Guilford Twp, Illinois.  Clement, the infant brother of my great-grandmother, Viola (Bausman) Davis Hickman, is buried here. I tried to find this cemetery by myself but was unable.  Fortunately, my mom’s friend Tom Townsend had been to the cemetery and graciously volunteered to take my parents and me.

Singer Catholic Cemetery, Guilford Twp, Illinois

My visit to Singer Catholic Cemetery in Oct 2011 revealed a cemetery in major need of brush removal and trimming around the headstones. While we were at the cemetery, the man who owns the cemetery land stopped by.  He is the same person who owns the land where Nicholas Sr. and Mary (Casper) Bausman are buried. Cemetery maintenance is not his responsibility. The Catholic church pays someone else to maintain it. Singer Catholic Cemetery is located in the northwest quarter of Section 9. There’s no road that leads to the cemetery. Access is via a pasture gate, south of Stagecoach Trail, east of the intersection of Stagecoach Trail and Cording Road.

View From Singer Catholic Cemetery

After leaving the cemetery I snapped this shot of curious cows surrounding the car. We had to traipse through a pasture to get to the cemetery which is about 35 feet behind me. Stagecoach Trail is a short distance behind the car and cattle.

Thank goodness there was no bull or calves. Thank goodness I wasn’t by myself!  I’m a city girl, I don’t know what I would have done with those obstacles!

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