Frank and Fannie (Hainey) Strelesky Family Chart

John Joseph Strelesky
John Joseph Strelesky

I’ve been working identifying the family of my great-grandfather, John Joseph “Jack” Strelesky, for quite some time.  To say it’s been challenging is to put it mildly.  Jack was one of eight children born to Francis Strelesky and Frances Hainey.  He was the oldest boy.  His siblings, in order from oldest to youngest:  Agnes, Rose, Marie, [Jack], Amelia “Mildred”, Levina, Albert Frank, and James Alexander.  All were born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

I’ve created a three-generation family chart of my Strelesky research.  If you can add anything to my research, let me know.  Below is a chart summary:

  1. Agnes never married.
  2. Rose married Joseph Christoph Weber, and they had nine children: Frank, Marian, Unidentified boy who died young, Lenora, Josephine, Joseph Jr., Amelia, Amiel, and John Henry. Joseph Christoph died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, of pneumonia during the Spanish flu pandemic. Rose died in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  3. Marie married Theodore M. Smith, and they had three children: Alexander, Leonard, and Marcella. Marie and Theodore died in Dubuque, Iowa, and are buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery.
  4. My great-grandfather Jack married Ernestine Sanders, and they had four children: Herbert, Alice, Eunice, and Marjorie.  Ernestine and unborn child died in Sheridan, Wyoming, of pneumonia during the Spanish flu pandemic.  Ernestine and Jack are buried in Dubuque, Iowa, at Mount Calvary Cemetery.
  5. Amelia “Mildred” married James Arthur Moore.  They had two children: Albert and Dorothy.  Amelia and James divorced before 1930.
  6. Levina was briefly married Louis Larsen, but they divorced.
  7. Albert Frank married Dora Gladwin.  They had a daughter, Frances Marie.  [They had a very tumultuous marriage.  In 1916, while living in Wyoming, Albert sued a William Zindel for alienation of wife’s affection.] There are two divorce records for Albert and Dora, both from Umatilla Co, Oregon.  The first was 1920 and the next in 1924.  Albert Frank is buried in Nebraska.
  8. James Alexander never married.

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