Percy Davis Public Sale

Percy Davis - Public Sale

On December 21, 1937, my great-grandfather Percy Davis retired from farming and held a public sale.  The sale was held on the farm of his mother-in-law, Catherine (Hebenstreit) Bausman.

I found the poster advertising the sale while looking through pictures at my grandma’s house.

Transcription of advertisement:

Percy Davis’ Closing Out Sale!

As I intend to quite farming I will sell the following described property at public sale on what is known as the Nick Bausman farm, located 2.5 mi. southwest of Scales Mound, on the Galena-Scales Mound road, on Tuesday, Dec. 21, ’37 commencing at 11:00 o’clock. Lunch Stand on Grounds.

132 Head of live stock

40 Head of cattle
20 Milch Cows, 8 Holsteins, 12 Herefords, 5 of these are fresh; 3 Yearling White Faced Heifers, 5 Yearling White Faced Steers. 11 White Faced Spring Calves, 1 Hereford Bull.

8 Horses
Bay mare 8 yr. old wt. 1600, bay gelding 10 yr. old wt. 1600, dark bay mare 5 yr. old wt. 1450, Black mare 11 yr. old wt. 1300, bay horse 4 yr. old wt. 1250, Cream colored gelding 4 yr. old wt. 1250. Yearling mare, sucking colt.

61 Hogs

12 Chester White Sows, 1 Chester White Stock Hog, 48 Fall Pigs.

23 Sheep

22 Ewes and 1 Buck

Feed—500 bu. Corn, 600 bu. Oats, 60 bu. Rye, 22 tons Hay in barn, Large rick Corn Fodder, stack of straw.

Farm machinery

10-20 McCormick Deering Tractor used 4 seasons, McCormick corn binder nearly new, McCormick Deering corn planter nearly new, McCormick binder, 3 sec. harrow, 3 riding cultivators, Bradley, Moline, McCormick Deering, 6-in. John Deere sulky plow, McCormick Deering seeder, horse disc, McCormick Deering mower nearly new, Litchfield manure spreader, Acme dump rale,  high wheel wagon, truck wagon, wagon box, bob sled, light sled, cutter.

Miscellaneous – 750 lb. Melotte cream separator, 100 lb. scales, clover buncher, 60 gal. feed cooker, 2 sets double work harness, horse collars, corn grader, fanning mill, set of aprons for Deering binder, hay rope, fork and pulleys, post drill, 2 sets iron doubletrees, fertilizer and rill attachment for Hayes corn planter, pulverizer for gang plow, forge, corn sheller, hog crates, cross cut saw, barley fork, forks, hog troughs, grain sacks, milk cans, seed corn hangers, seed corn, barrel churn, some household furniture. Poultry supplies: Brooder house, small chicken houses, Sol Hot Brooder 1000 chick size, Coal Brooder, 500 chick size, 40 rds, chicken wire some nearly new, chicken crates, chicken feeders and waterers.

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