Marriage: Eunice Strelesky and Albert Lightcap

Strelesky-Lightcap marriage celebration

Eunice Strelesky and Albert Lightcap are my grandparents, and figuring out their correct marriage date has been challenging. Both my dad and Uncle Bill told me that their parents married in December 1935.  I used that date since, as their sons, they should know.

Then I stumbled upon an announcement published April 14, 1936, in The Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA) saying they married January 4, 1936.  Aha! December 1935 or January 1936 – close enough.  I assumed that Dad and Uncle Bill had been mistaken.  Odd that BOTH of them remembered the wrong date, but whatever…

While thinking it strange that the marriage announcement took place three months after that fact, I didn’t dwell on it; I figured it had to do with the unhappiness some family members had with the marriage. (My grandfather’s family was not pleased that he had married a Catholic, or so I’ve been told.) So, satisfied with this date, I moved on to other research.

Imagine my surprise when gathering records for my membership application to the Daughters of the American Revolution that I find out they did NOT get married January 4, 1936.  Nope, they got married March 17, 1936.

By this time, I’m irritated.  Why am I getting all these different dates?  They have six sons.  How come no one knows the correct date? It was easier figuring out the date of marriage for my gggg-grandparents Christian Smith and Rebecca Firestone, and they got hitched in 1815!

In August of this year, I visited my Uncle Bill and Aunt Veva in California.  Somehow my discovery of the correct marriage date became a topic of conversation.  Uncle Bill was VERY sure that they got married in December 1935, so I had to burst his bubble.  Because I had PROOF – the marriage certificate!

Aunt Veva tells me that she always thought it odd that they never celebrated their anniversary.  Yeah, they never celebrated it in DECEMBER!

Enjoy reading the marriage announcement in the Telegraph Herald, even if the date is wrong!

Marriage: Eunice Strelesky and Albert "Wally" Lightcap

Transcription of article:

Announcement of January Wedding Is Made at Party

Mrs. William Heitz was hostess to a party in her home, 1629 Prescott street, Monday evening to which she had invited nine guests. During the course of the evening an announcement was made of the marriage of Miss Eunice Strelesky and A. Wallace Lightcap. The wedding occurred in Freeport Jan. 4 in St. Mary’s church. The Right Rev. Monsignor Conley officiated.

The bride is the daughter of John Strelesky and had made her home with her aunt, Mrs. Heitz. Mr. Lightcap is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lightcap, 1856 Washington street. The young couple is living at 824 Rhomberg avenue.

Michigan was played and during the serving of the two course luncheon a telegram was read.

The guests included Miss Mary Luedtke, Miss Monica Richter, Miss Mary Alba, Miss Anna Mae Schlueter, Miss Kathryn Sutton, Miss Rita Duffey, Mrs. Isabelle Weber, Mrs. Stanley Weidenbacher and Mrs. Frank Sanders.

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  1. tanyab1990 says:

    My first thought was wondering what a further challenge it would be to find out why there was so much confusion around their date of marriage. What an interesting puzzle…

    1. Linda says:

      After reading your article, I couldn’t help but reply. According to Eunice herself, she and Albert “Wally” were married 4 Jan 1936. She told me long ago when I was trying to fill out an ancestral chart.

      1. HI Mom!

        It’s so weird that Grandma was not truthful about her wedding date. I realize that Uncle Tom was born in December 1936, but to perpetuate this myth for DECADES is odd. They were married for almost 40 years when Grandpa died. If didn’t need it for my DAR application, no one would have questioned the date!

        Which makes me wonder if they only misled their children (and their spouses), or if they told everyone they married in January. I wonder if the whole “religion being an issue” was a smokescreen. Dad once said that he didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean, if they weren’t upfront about the marriage date, what else could they have misled people on. hmmmm….

        I’m waiting until after Christmas to send my letter to Elaine. This might be the first question I ask her, instead of the last.


  2. Kathryn,

    This is so fun to read. Just a correction-dad was born in October.

    Deb 🙂

    1. Of course he was…

      I’ve decided that Grandma liked to dole out misinformation. I’m pretty sure the December date comes from Grandma. Mom asked for birth dates for all the brothers.

      It was funny when I told Uncle Bill about the date of their marriage. He didn’t want to talk about it and changed the subject.

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