Marie Strelesky Surprise Party

I was sleuthing through Google Newspaper Archives, when I found this article published in the Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA) regarding a surprise party for my great-grandfather’s sister Marie Strelesky.  It was published on Sunday, February 18, 1906, page 2.

Miss Marie Strelesky has a party

Article transcription:

Miss Marie Strelesky was pleasantly surprised by a number of friends at her home on Saturday evening. Cards and other games were the order of the evening, after which refreshments were served. Those present were:

Misses Julia Farkes, Elizabeth Pinch,  Amelia Strelesky, Ernie Sanders, Elizabeth Kretz, Maggie Barry, Lena Kelly, and Lavina Strelesky; Messrs. Frank Stower, L. A. Smith,  John Strelesky, William Barry, James Moore, Charles Duscheck, Albert Strelesky, Andrew Gantenbein, Fred Sanders,  Michael Moore and Alexander Strelesky.

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