Levi Lightcap Shot and Killed

Here is another article about the death of my ggg-grandfather, Levi Lightcap, who was shot and killed.  The article was published in Kokomo Tribune, page 1, Thursday, Dec 22, 1872.

Levi Lightcap Shot and Killed

Transcription of newspaper article:


A Young Man in a Quarrel – His Father gets Shot

A few days ago, at North Judson up the Chicago R.R., young Mr. Lightcap, the telegraph operator, got into trouble with a stranger and drew his revolver. Young Hoffacker, a brother of Daniel, both recently of this city, who are up there sawing wood for the company, ran in to stop the quarrel. He seized the revolver, but just as he got it away from young Lightcap it went off the discharge instantly killing the Senior Mr. Lightcap, the agent of the company, who was near by.

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  1. Linda Kohl says:

    very interesting. I still owe you the updated info on my family now. My daughter and I went to the national archives and the military archives in August trying to get info on John Kohl, Ada Lightcap (Kohl) son and had no luck. However, I have other info for you.

    1. Kathryn says:

      I’m intrigued! You can always contact me via email at lightcapka@gmail.com.


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