Marjorie Strelesky Journal, Part 4 of 6

The Final Story of Shep, the dog

(l-r) Alice, Jack, Marjorie, Eunice and Herb Strelesky

This is a story my dad told me when the family lived in Omaha.  Eunice and I weren’t born yet.

The family had a collie dog called “Shep.” Poor Shep, as all living things do, left this world. Our dad [Jack Strelesky] told our mother he would get rid of the dog.

Dad was a taxidermist and had a shop in the low rent district of Omaha. He thought the family – Herb, Alice, and our mother [Ernestine (Sanders) Strelesky] – would like old Shep made into a fur rug. He skinned old Shep for the “pickle barrel” to cure him for tanning.

About that time our mother stopped in the shop with Herb and Alice. Herb was always curious to see what our dad was doing. This time he found poor old Shep in the pickle barrel. Of course he set up a howl. My mother became very angry at our dad. “How could you do such a thing to such a nice dog.”

Old Shep was never made into a rug.

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