Bertha Galpin or Wizard of Oz Villian? You decide

Bertha Galpin

A fun picture to enjoy on a Friday.

I love this picture because Bertha Galpin reminds me of Miss Almira Gulch – the mean lady who wants Toto destroyed –  from The Wizard of Oz (1939 film). It’s the bike that brings the comparison to mind.  All that’s missing are baskets for the front and back.

Bertha is not a relative of mine, but she was a friend to the Bausmans.  The photo is kept in a beautiful antique Bausman photo album.

Written on back of photo: Bertha Galpin, no relation. Neighbor & Friend of the Bausmans. Photo taken at Byerly in Parkersburg, Iowa.

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  1. This is a great photo, and yes it reminds me of Miss Gulch as well. 🙂 You have such wonderful photographs on your site. Thank you for sharing them,

    1. CurlyGrey says:

      The bicycle in the photo looks to be a Ladies Safety Model 1900 Orient made by
      Watham Watch Co. The designer in Charles Metz ,he coined the phrase ” Motor Cycle “.
      If you need proof visit OlwsHead Museum in Maine , look at the lower a letter J in formed
      at the 2 front tubes . I have pixs from the movie when Almira places the bike on a fench.

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