Publishing My Family History

For the past several years, I’ve been working on a family history book of my maternal grandparents, Stanley “Spud” Davis and Marian Bohnsack.  After my grandma died late last year, completing the book became a priority.  I knew it was something she’d appreciate and completing it is my way of honoring her and my grandfather’s legacy.

I’m self-publishing through and I used their software, BookSmart.  Read my review of BookSmart at my other blog.  I ordered a proof and should receive it in a couple of weeks.  I’ve already decided to tweak a couple of things.

One of the things I discovered is the generosity of the people I have exchanged information and photographs with throughout this process.  There are a lot of photos in the book, most of them belonging to my grandmother, great-grandmother and other family members. I took a lot of pictures too. However, the history would not have been complete without the generosity of the fellow researchers who gave permission for me to include them.  I truly appreciate their contributions and how they enriched this history.

Here is a preview of the cover and a few pages:

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  1. What an amazing family history book. It looks professionally done and is full of such wonderful photos. I love the layout. Congratulations on putting it all together. I am certain your family will enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I can’t wait to get the proof.

  2. Allan Wegner says:

    I am a direct descendant of Hester Hicks. In addition, my wife is a professional genealogist. We have many photographs and much family information. If you are interested, please write to exchange family history info – living and deceased.

  3. judy gripton says:

    My Grandmother is Pauline Dunstan, daughter of Clifford Dunstan & Pauline Deininger. We have more photos/documents if you’d like to share some things. Your page/history is very nicely done. We’ve been working on ours for years as well. Maybe we could collaborate some. Let me know if you’re interested.

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