Death of Lee Bausman and Henry Harms

I posted Lawrence Lincoln Bausman’s obituary a couple of days ago.  The next few posts will deal with the death of his son, Lee Lincoln Bausman.  Lee died after the car, driven by Henry Harms, was struck by a train.  The car/train accident occurred on 20 November 1919 in Austin, Mower County, Minnesota.

Lee served in the front line trenches in World War I, stationed in France in the 64th Machine Gun Company of the 7th Division.  He was 29 when he died.

Death of Lee Lincoln Bausman and Henry Harms
Death of Lee Lincoln Bausman and Henry Harms

Transcription of article:


Their Auto Struck by Milwaukee Train Near Lyle, Minn., Last Thursday

Both Passed Away at Hospital

Accident a Most Deplorable One and Brings Sadness to Many Home in County.

Early last week, Henry Harms, of Wellsburg drove to Minnesota to look after the renting of his farm near Austin, and Lee Bausman accompanied him. The next heard from them was late Thursday afternoon when word came that the car in which they were riding was struck by a Milwaukee fast train about a mile and a half north of the town of Lyle, Minn., and that Henry Harms was dead and Lee Bausman seriously injured.

The accident happened about 12:30 Thursday noon. They were riding in a Ford car owned and driven by Mr. Harms. The railroad is a double track and runs parallel with the wagon road for some distance and within two miles the wagon road crosses the tracks three times. It was at one of these crossings that their auto was stuck just back of the front wheels. The train crew did not know that they had hit anyone until they reached Lyle, when a fender of the car was found hanging to the cow-catcher of the engine.

The men were discovered by a boy who reported the fact to his father and doctors were sent for. The injured men were taken to a hospital at Austin where Henry died at 3 o’clock and Lee passed away at 3:30, neither one regaining consciousness. Their identity was learned by a check book which Lee carried. This led to the telephone message which was received at the Bausman home in Pleasant Valley township at 3:10 and in a few minutes Mr. and Mrs. Bausman and son Lynn were on their way to Austin. They arrived there about 8 o’clock, four hours after Lee had passed away.

When the unfortunate men were found Henry was grasping the steering wheel with both hands and one leg was broken and he was badly cut and bruised. Lee showed a slight mark on the temple, but his spine was injured. The doctors held out no hopes for Henry from the first, but it was thought by doctors and nurse that Lee might not be as seriously injured. He showed signs of rallying, when a sudden change came and he passed away.

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