Miss Mary Beard

Miss Mary Beard Letter from Co. A, 8th O.V. Infantry
Miss Mary Beard Letter from Co. A, 8th O.V. Infantry

While researching the Lightcaps, I came across an article where Miss Mary Beard received $53.50 from members of Company A, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Both my ggg-grandfather’s brother Isaac Bateman Lightcap (also know as The Bigamist) and nephew James Sanford Lightcap served in that unit and contributed.  I don’t know why they sent money. Using The Inflation Calculator $53.50 in 1862 would be worth $1212.78 today.

The letter refers to her as a “Daughter of the 8th” and that the money is a small token of regard. Unfortunately, there is no context to the letter. The letter states that Mary’s future is uncertain, and I’m interpreting that Mary’s parents are dead. It’s quite a bit of money, so something of important must have happened.

The article appeared in The Tiffin Weekly Tribune (Tiffin, Seneca county, Ohio) on May 23, 1862.

Transcription of article:

Testimonial to the Daughter of the 8th Ohio

Camp Near New Market, Va.,
May 10th, ’62

Miss Mary Beard:

In consideration of the fact that you are the Daughter of the 8th, and a resident of the place where our company was formed, we herewith tender you a small present as a token of our regard. We offer you no advice, Mary, for the uncertain future of your earthly pilgrimage. Your own innate virtues will prove a strong bulwark of defense against the encroachments of vice, and when you bring your father’s and mother’s advice to re-enforce your position you can set the enemy at defiance.

With feelings of the kindest regard, and ardently hoping for you a bright future, we have the pleasure of subscribing ourselves,

Very respectfully,
Your friends,

Capt. B F Ogle $10 00, D G Watson 2, D Goodsell jr 1, W H Pockmire 1, John Redd 1, Nicholas Backus 1, J H Nichols 1, A R Kieffer 1, William Meyers 1, I B Lightcap 50c, J S Lightcap 1, I C Kipka 1, P J Hosler 50c, H G Thirwichter 1, G W Brestel 1, William Newson 1, Joseph Newson 2, Jacob Smith 1, Andrew Shriner 1, J H Beatty 1, George Brown 1, Henry Heissermann 1, Jacob J Rauch 1, John W Snyder 1, Charles Lamkin jr. 1, J N Travis 50c, George Baker 2, John M Henry 1, Adam Palmer 1, Edward Jones 1, N J Brandeberry 1, Thomas Conners 1, George W White 1, Lem Snover 2, Jacob Weidman 1, Edward T Naylor 2, Augustus Scheitzberg 1, A D Colwell, L D Arnold 1, Francis McBride 2, Richard Low 1.

Members of Company A, 8th O. V. Infantry

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