Miss Mary Beard Letter from Co. A, 8th O.V. Infantry

Miss Mary Beard

Miss Mary Beard Letter from Co. A, 8th O.V. Infantry
Miss Mary Beard Letter from Co. A, 8th O.V. Infantry

While researching the Lightcaps, I came across an article where Miss Mary Beard received $53.50 from members of Company A, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Both my ggg-grandfather’s brother Isaac Bateman Lightcap (also know as The Bigamist) and nephew James Sanford Lightcap served in that unit and contributed.  I don’t know why they sent money. Using The Inflation Calculator $53.50 in 1862 would be worth $1212.78 today.

The letter refers to her as a “Daughter of the 8th” and that the money is a small token of regard. Unfortunately, there is no context to the letter. The letter states that Mary’s future is uncertain, and I’m interpreting that Mary’s parents are dead. It’s quite a bit of money, so something of important must have happened.

The article appeared in The Tiffin Weekly Tribune (Tiffin, Seneca county, Ohio) on May 23, 1862.

Transcription of article:

Testimonial to the Daughter of the 8th Ohio

Camp Near New Market, Va.,
May 10th, ’62

Miss Mary Beard:

In consideration of the fact that you are the Daughter of the 8th, and a resident of the place where our company was formed, we herewith tender you a small present as a token of our regard. We offer you no advice, Mary, for the uncertain future of your earthly pilgrimage. Your own innate virtues will prove a strong bulwark of defense against the encroachments of vice, and when you bring your father’s and mother’s advice to re-enforce your position you can set the enemy at defiance.

With feelings of the kindest regard, and ardently hoping for you a bright future, we have the pleasure of subscribing ourselves,

Very respectfully,
Your friends,

Capt. B F Ogle $10 00, D G Watson 2, D Goodsell jr 1, W H Pockmire 1, John Redd 1, Nicholas Backus 1, J H Nichols 1, A R Kieffer 1, William Meyers 1, I B Lightcap 50c, J S Lightcap 1, I C Kipka 1, P J Hosler 50c, H G Thirwichter 1, G W Brestel 1, William Newson 1, Joseph Newson 2, Jacob Smith 1, Andrew Shriner 1, J H Beatty 1, George Brown 1, Henry Heissermann 1, Jacob J Rauch 1, John W Snyder 1, Charles Lamkin jr. 1, J N Travis 50c, George Baker 2, John M Henry 1, Adam Palmer 1, Edward Jones 1, N J Brandeberry 1, Thomas Conners 1, George W White 1, Lem Snover 2, Jacob Weidman 1, Edward T Naylor 2, Augustus Scheitzberg 1, A D Colwell, L D Arnold 1, Francis McBride 2, Richard Low 1.

Members of Company A, 8th O. V. Infantry


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