High School Graduates from Scales Mound, Illinois, 1896 – 1923

Class of 1912 Scales Mound High School Graduation
Class of 1912
Scales Mound High School Graduates
Top Left: Viola Bausman, my great-grandmother. Other people in photo are Earl Rummel, Alta Phillips, Lucille Roberts, and Rosella Bird. The man in the middle is not identified, but I think he was probably their teacher.

The Scales Mound American Legion Auxillary Unit #1058 compiled a list of Scales Mound High School graduate names, and published them in “Scales Mound High School Through the Years 1896-1993”.  Graduates from 1896-1923 are listed.

Class of 1896

  • George Allan
  • William Allan
  • Josie Edge Vipond
  • Elsie Kneebone
  • Fred Lyne
  • Fred Monnier
  • Edith Stephan Allan

[No Class of 1897 listed]

Class of 1898

  • Mamie Hocking Varing
  • Olive Moon Eckstein
  • Frank Kammer
  • Nina Pooley Adams
  • Vina Pooley Sawdy
  • Edith Rowe
  • Anton Stephan
  • Arthur Youle
  • Lavinia Youle

[No Class of 1899 listed]

Class of 1900

  • Kate Bastian Rummel
  • Myrtle Berryman Schafmayer
  • Aruba Berryman Youle
  • Foster Liddle
  • Kate Moore Monnier
  • John Rogers
  • Albert Schafmayer
  • Alice Wenzel Wharton
  • John Youle

[No Class of 1901, 1902, 1903 listed]

Class of 1904

  • Loretta Lyne Hocking
  • Tillie Richards Walton
  • Mamie Trudgian Monnier
  • Pearl Walton Henderson

[No Class of 1905 listed]

Class of 1906

  • Perry Rogers
  • Mary Schafmayer
  • Daisy Trevarthen Knuckey

[No Class of 1907 listed]

Class of 1908

  • Ruth Schafmayer
  • Ruby Walton Wagner
  • Esther Youle Vander Vorn

[No Class of 1909 listed]

Class of 1910

  • Brown Carr
  • Tossie Edge Rummell
  • Edna Roberts Cline
  • Gussie Schafmayer
  • Nela Smart
  • Vera Trevarthen

[No Class of 1911 listed]

 Class of 1912

  • Viola Bausman Hickman [my great-grandmother]
  • Rose Bird Schalk
  • Alta Phillips Pierson
  • Lucille Roberts
  • Earl Rummell

[No Class of 1913 listed]

Class of 1914

  • LeRoy Hoskins
  • Letha Smart Jewell
  • Amanda Klenke Nordquist
  • Howard Smart
  • George Trevarthen

[No Class of 1915 listed]

Class of 1916

  • Vera Casper Tyson
  • Lorene Martin Stotesbury
  • Alberta Morrison

Class of 1917

  • Olga Rittweger Roberts
  • Lucille Tresidder Thompson

Class of 1918

  • Mina Trezona
  • Leone Stadel

Class of 1919

  • Abbie Carr Dolton
  • Thelma Hicks Swonger [sic, Swonguer]
  • Dora Trezona Tippett

Class of 1920

  • Clarence Berryman
  • Mildred Berryman Horan
  • Nettie Casper Burton
  • Joe Hoskins
  • Marian Morrison Thompson
  • Letha Stadel Baus

[no Class of 1921 listed]

Class of 1922

  • Elizabeth Hicks Feiertag
  • Clifford Kilian
  • Harriet Vipond

Class of 1923

  • Gladys Glanville Stiefel
  • Naomi Trezona Gusloff
  • William Trezona


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry Miller says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have the Scales Mound Class photos for each Class. I post photos everyday on Facebook, and would love to get a complete collection of SMHS photos. Thank you, very much, Terry Miller, 117 Kelly Lane, Galena, IL 61036

    1. Kathryn says:

      I only have the graduating class photos for my grandparents and paternal great-grandmother, at least that I recall. I don’t remember finding other class photos in my grandma’s collection.

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