Top Left: Viola Bausman. Viola would have been about 19 years old. Written on back, in pencil (not Viola's handwriting): Earl Rummel, Alta Phillips Pierson, Lucille Roberts, Rosella Bird Schalk. The man in the middle is not identified, but think he was probably their teacher. Assume this is the Scales Mound High School Senior Class picture since they all graduated that year.

High School Graduates from Scales Mound, Illinois, 1896 – 1923

Class of 1912 Scales Mound High School Graduation
Class of 1912
Scales Mound High School Graduates
Top Left: Viola Bausman, my great-grandmother. Other people in photo are Earl Rummel, Alta Phillips, Lucille Roberts, and Rosella Bird. The man in the middle is not identified, but I think he was probably their teacher.

The Scales Mound American Legion Auxillary Unit #1058 compiled a list of Scales Mound High School graduate names, and published them in “Scales Mound High School Through the Years 1896-1993”.  Graduates from 1896-1923 are listed.

Class of 1896

  • George Allan
  • William Allan
  • Josie Edge Vipond
  • Elsie Kneebone
  • Fred Lyne
  • Fred Monnier
  • Edith Stephan Allan

[No Class of 1897 listed]

Class of 1898

  • Mamie Hocking Varing
  • Olive Moon Eckstein
  • Frank Kammer
  • Nina Pooley Adams
  • Vina Pooley Sawdy
  • Edith Rowe
  • Anton Stephan
  • Arthur Youle
  • Lavinia Youle

[No Class of 1899 listed]

Class of 1900

  • Kate Bastian Rummel
  • Myrtle Berryman Schafmayer
  • Aruba Berryman Youle
  • Foster Liddle
  • Kate Moore Monnier
  • John Rogers
  • Albert Schafmayer
  • Alice Wenzel Wharton
  • John Youle

[No Class of 1901, 1902, 1903 listed]

Class of 1904

  • Loretta Lyne Hocking
  • Tillie Richards Walton
  • Mamie Trudgian Monnier
  • Pearl Walton Henderson

[No Class of 1905 listed]

Class of 1906

  • Perry Rogers
  • Mary Schafmayer
  • Daisy Trevarthen Knuckey

[No Class of 1907 listed]

Class of 1908

  • Ruth Schafmayer
  • Ruby Walton Wagner
  • Esther Youle Vander Vorn

[No Class of 1909 listed]

Class of 1910

  • Brown Carr
  • Tossie Edge Rummell
  • Edna Roberts Cline
  • Gussie Schafmayer
  • Nela Smart
  • Vera Trevarthen

[No Class of 1911 listed]

 Class of 1912

  • Viola Bausman Hickman [my great-grandmother]
  • Rose Bird Schalk
  • Alta Phillips Pierson
  • Lucille Roberts
  • Earl Rummell

[No Class of 1913 listed]

Class of 1914

  • LeRoy Hoskins
  • Letha Smart Jewell
  • Amanda Klenke Nordquist
  • Howard Smart
  • George Trevarthen

[No Class of 1915 listed]

Class of 1916

  • Vera Casper Tyson
  • Lorene Martin Stotesbury
  • Alberta Morrison

Class of 1917

  • Olga Rittweger Roberts
  • Lucille Tresidder Thompson

Class of 1918

  • Mina Trezona
  • Leone Stadel

Class of 1919

  • Abbie Carr Dolton
  • Thelma Hicks Swonger [sic, Swonguer]
  • Dora Trezona Tippett

Class of 1920

  • Clarence Berryman
  • Mildred Berryman Horan
  • Nettie Casper Burton
  • Joe Hoskins
  • Marian Morrison Thompson
  • Letha Stadel Baus

[no Class of 1921 listed]

Class of 1922

  • Elizabeth Hicks Feiertag
  • Clifford Kilian
  • Harriet Vipond

Class of 1923

  • Gladys Glanville Stiefel
  • Naomi Trezona Gusloff
  • William Trezona



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