George Studier’s Birth Record

I received George Studier’s German birth record from a researcher who voluntarily found it for me. She contacted me through with the record, and I greatly appreciate her research. The birth record confirmed what I already suspected: Wilhelm Studier was not George’s biological father.

While I can’t give a full transcription of the birth record (not being fluent in German), here is some of the information from the birth record:

  • George Studier was born Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Bohnsack.
  • Georg Bohnsack, son of Dorothea Catharina Bohnsack, was born on 16 January 1879 in Grambow, Pommern, Preussen (Germany).
  • The father is listed as unbekannt (unknown).
  • Dorothea Catharina Bohnsack’s father is Johann Bohnsack.
  • George was baptized/christened 26 January 1879 in Grambow.
  • Hindenberg is listed on the record, but I don’t know the context. Dorothea was born and raised in that town.

Also, I believe August Kuhs (signature at the bottom of the record) is a relative of Dorothea’s. Her sister Sophia Bohnsack married August Johann Ludwig Kuhse.  (Kuhse is the Americanized version of Kuhs.) Sophia and August were living in Grambow at the time George was born. Dorothea may have stayed with Sophia during her pregnancy.

German birth record for George Studier



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