My great-grandfather, John Joseph Strelesky, with his co-workers at D. Ede & Son in Dubuque, Iowa.
He’s in the middle. Circa 1900.

Stanley Davis Baler
Pictures from an advertisement of a new baler by my grandfather, Stanley Davis

This is Sheridan, Wyoming in 1909 (image from the Library of Congress).
My grandmother, Eunice (Strelesky) Lightcap, was born in Sheridan in 1914.

Pictures of my grandfather, Stanley Davis, as a child.  Between 1918-1925.

My great-grandparents, Percy and Viola (Bausman) Davis.
They lived in Scales Mound, Illinois, and had two children: Stanley and June.

The Old HomesteadView from my grandparents, Spud and Marian Davis, original homestead.
Photograph taken during the summer of 2012.