Pioneer Cemetery, North Judson, Indiana

There are several Lightcap headstones in the Levi Lightcap family plot and when I visited in 2007, many were unreadable.The Town of North Judson takes care of Pioneer Cemetery.  Unfortunately, they don’t have any records of who is actually buried there, other than a cemetery index book published by the Starke County Genealogical Society based on a walk-through about 2004.  Some grave markers were missing at the time of the walk-through.Pioneer Cemetery is contained in Vol. III. It is available for purchase from the Genealogical Society. Here’s what that cemetery index book shows for Levi Lightcap; these were probably bought as a group of 8 burial sites.

  • Levi Lightcap, b. 06-19-1822, d. 12-09-1870 (Row 9, Grave 19)
  • Walter L. Lightcap, b. 1842, d. 1927, Civil War Veteran (Row 9, Grave 20)
  • Eliza J. Lightcap, b. 1842, d. 1912 (Row 9, Grave 21)
  • John S. Lightcap, b. 1880, d. 1939 (Row 9, Grave 22)
  • Darah E. Lightcap, d. 02-01-1899, aged 5M 15D (Row 9, Grave 23)
  • Mary E. Lightcap, d. 187?, aged (?) (?) 17D (Row 9, Grave 24)
  • Allan Lightcap, d. 06-15-1872, aged 2Y 1M 25D (Row 9, Grave 25)
  • Freddie O. Lightcap, illegible (Row 9, Grave 26)

Until I received this cemetery index book information, I had never heard of Darah or Allan. I do not know who Allan is, but believe Darah is the child of James Bailey Lightcap and Bertha Sales.  According to the 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Bertha had borne two children but one had died.  I believe this is Darah.

Freddie O. is the son of Walter and Eliza Jane (Stewart) Lightcap.  Walter and Eliza had two other children who died young; according to Walter’s biography the names of the children were Margaret and Charles.

If the transcription for Mary E. Lightcap is correct, this is NOT Levi’s wife Mary (Smith).  Mary was living with her daughter Frances White in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census. This could be Levi’s mother, Mary.

The cemetery index book lists five other Lightcaps:

  • Augusta
  • George
  • Henry
  • Wm
  • one with an unknown first name

These Lightcaps are not buried in the Levi Lightcap family plot, but the headstones are close by.  George and Henry are Levi’s children.  Augusta is Henry’s wife. William is Levi’s brother.

There is an nice headstone for George in Pioneer Cemetery, but he is NOT buried there.  He’s buried in Hot Springs, South Dakota, at the State Veterans’ Home cemetery. (Cpl. Co. K 12 IN Cav. Row 12. Grave 4.) State Veterans’ Home is not a Veterans Affairs funded cemetery.

Ellen (Giffin) Herod Hann Netherton is the mother of Rhoda (Herod) Lightcap, George’s wife.  Salathiel is Ellen’s son and Rhoda’s brother.  Ellen and Salathiel are buried near the Levi Lightcap family plot.

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