Viola (Bausman) Davis Hickman’s Unidentified Photos

Do you recognize the people in these pictures?

When my great-grandmother died, she left a lot of beautiful family photos; unfortunately, many are unidentified.  After her death, my grandmother, Marian (Bohnsack) Davis acquired them.  She let me go through the pictures, but did not know who most of the people were.  I don’t know why I never asked my grandfather about the people in the photos.

I would love to identify the people and reunite the photos with family members who will appreciate them.

Possible surnames for the people in these photos are:  Davis, Bausman, Brandt, Schoenhard, Hicks, Hebenstreit, and Hesselbacher.   Viola Bausman grew up in Guilford Twp in Jo Daviess County in Illinois, USA.  She lived most of her life in Scales Mound, Illinois.

Take a look.


3 thoughts on “Viola (Bausman) Davis Hickman’s Unidentified Photos

  1. You must be so excited to have so many pictures to investigate. The challenge is half the fun. I also wanted to say that I came across your website this week and love the look and overall feel. I am excited to start receiving your updates.

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