Family Names

The main family names explored on my site are those of my grandparents and great-grandparents:

My maternal grandfather was Stanley “Spud” Percival Davis, son of Percival “Percy” Leland Davis and Viola Edith Bausman.

My maternal grandmother was Marian Minnie Bohnsack, daughter of Leo Carl Bohnsack and Minnie Marie Deininger.

My paternal grandfather was Albert Wallace “Wally” Lightcap, son of Ernest Edward Lightcap and Henrietta “Hattie” Doose.

My paternal grandmother was Eunice Irene Strelesky, daughter of John Joseph “Jack” Strelesky and Ernestine “Ernie” Bertha Sanders.


2 thoughts on “Family Names

  1. Hi Kathryn

    I have been entering in all of my BASTIAN family from Crowan, Cornwall who migrated to Australia on to the free Wikitree. My third great grandfather was Henry Bastian, married to Jane Jenkyn (the daughter of Martha Blewett). Many of the branches cross over each other and quite a few of them migrated to the Jo Daviess County in Illinois and we share many of the same cousins. Henry’s brother John Bastian and his wife Philippa Holman migrated to Illinois. Also some of the Blewett, Sincock and Combellick descendants, who also related to me. is my profile on Wikitree, I also have an account on Ancestry. Initially I did my tree on My Heritage.

    Anyway, I think a lot of your research looks excellent and I found some of the information on there that you have posted to be very helpful.

    All the best.

    Zoe Cochrane
    Perth, Western Australia

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