No matter how much I search, there are many obituaries that I cannot find.  The names of the people I am looking for are in bold. If you have these obituaries, please email me.  Many thanks!

Davis Obituaries Needed

  • Jacob Davis III, husband of Jane Moyle, and son of Jacob II and Jane/Jenifer (Blewett) Davis (or Davies), (Jan 31, 1829 – Mar 10, 1884).  He was born in Cornwall, England, and I think he died in Council Hill, Illinois.
  • Jane/Jenifer (Blewett) Davis, wife of Jacob II Davis (or Davies), (Jan 24, 1799 – Mar 8, 1884). She was born in Cornwall, England, and I believe she died in Council Hill, Illinois.

Lightcap Obituaries Needed

  • Angeline “Anna” Lightcap, wife of  George Lawrence.  Anna was born 01 Jun 1825 in New Jersey, grew up in Seneca County, Ohio, and died 25 Jan 1891 in De Kalb County, Indiana.  Her husband George was born 21 Dec 1817 in Pennsylvania and died 23 Dec 1893.  Both are buried in Auburn, Indiana.   They had three children: Sarah, Holly and Don.  Sarah is buried with her parents; I have no information on the other children.
  • Augustus Lightcap and his wife Mary Jane Young.   Both were born in New Jersey.  Augustus’ headstone engraved with 1831-1904 and Mary Jane’s 1834-1895; they are buried in Aurora, Illinois. They were married 08 Nov 1849 in New Jersey.  They had five children: William, Lewis, Cora, Edward, and Frances. 
  • Godfrey C. Lightcap and wives, Margaret Hulsizer and Mary Delilah Creveling.  Godfrey was born about  1813 in New Jersey and died 20 Jan 1888 in Franklin, New Jersey.  Burial location unknown.  His first wife, Margaret, was born 03 Sep 1809 and died 12 May 1848.  She’s buried in Greenwich, New Jersey.  They had a daughter, Mary, who died at 16 months.  His second wife, Mary Delilah, was born 28 Aug 1819 in new Jersey and died 30 Jun 1873 in Asbury, New Jersey.   They had two children: Maggie and Martha.
  • Henrietta (Doose) Lightcap, wife of Ernest Edward Lightcap, daughter of John and Anna Margaret (Westphalen) Doose, (March 19, 1873/8 – 18 Sept 1917).  She was born in Evanston, Illinois, and died in Corson County, South Dakota.  I believe she’s buried in Isabel, South Dakota, but do not know the cemetery.  She had two boys:  Paul and Albert.
  • Holoway Lightcap and his wife, Ellen Miriam Westgate.  Holloway is a Civil War veteran who was born 03 Oct 1826 in Milford, New Jersey.  He died on 18 Apr 1912 in Oak Park, Illinois.  Ellen was born Jun 1830 in Ohio and died 20 Jun 1905 in Chicago.  Both are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Havana, Illinois.  They had two children, Gertrude Estelle and Charles Burt.
  • Levi Lightcap and his wife Mary Smith, North Judson, Starke County, Indiana. Levi was born 19 Jun 1822 in New Jersey and died 09 Dec 1870.  He is buried in North Judson, Indiana.  Mary Smith, daughter of Christian and Rebecca (Firestone) Smith, was born about 1820 in Ohio and died about 1882.  I’m not sure where she’s buried. Probably Pioneer Cemetery, but the cemetery records do not provide information and headstones are unreadable.  They had four children: Walter, George, Frances, and Henry.
  • Robert Lightcap and his wife Lucretia Halsey.  Robert was born abt 1817-1820, and died 19 Jan 1848 in Ohio.  Burial location is unknown. Lucretia (Lauretta is also a possibility) was born about 1818 in Pennsylvania.  Death and burial location is unknown.  Lucretia also married Henry Beck and John King.  Robert and Lucretia had two boys:  James Sanford and Albert H, both Civil War veterans.   James is buried in Auburn, Illinois, and Albert is buried in Jackson, Michigan.
  • William Lightcap and his wife Elizabeth Border.  William was a Civil War veteran who was born about 1812 in New Jersey.  He died 10 Oct 1872 and is buried in Pioneer Cemetery, North Judson, Indiana.  Elizabeth was born abt 1808 in Maryland,and died of consumption in 1872 in Eden Twp, Seneca, Ohio.  Burial location unknown. They had two known children: William J, born 23 Dec 1837 in Pennsylvania and died 26 Apr 1925 in Valparaiso, Indiana; Rebecca was born 23 Feb 1839 and died 04 Jul 1844 in Eden, Seneca County, Ohio.  Rebecca is buried in Melmore, Seneca, Ohio.

Miscellaneous Obituaries Needed

  • Bertha (Schafer) Hebenstreit, wife of Vitus Hebenstreit, and daughter of Jacob Schafer and Susanne Schilling, (Mar 8, 1831 – May 27, 1908).  She’s buried in St. Matthew’s Cemetery, Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

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  1. judygripton says:

    louisa is my great grandmother. i’d be interested in knowing your connection to her. and i have information i’d share as well.
    thank you.
    judy gripton

    1. Hi Judy,

      Louisa is my gg-grandmother. Her daughter Minnie married Leo Bohnsack. Their daughter Marian is my grandmother.


  2. rose says:

    I am sure that you have way more than 200 followers but I gave you an award on my page. It’s just a way to share blogs with my readers. I wanted to share yours because I enjoy reading it.

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I haven’t responded earlier!


  3. Dan Uhlrich says:

    Very nice website! Your Francis Uhlrich is the older brother of my g grandfather Andre Uhlrich (of Dinsheim and Galena). I traced the Dinsheim line (with spouses) back to Adam in early 1700’s – I’d like to compare notes

  4. Tim Hull says:

    I am a descendant of Jacob (Painter) Davis, John, Alvin, Dorean, James, ME.

    I am a cousin, doing research. I am so pleased to come across your website, and work.

    My father, James Hull, son Dorean (Davis) Hull, is still alive and kicking. He has lots of family stories and leads to research. He has visited Scales Mound, Galena, and all over Jo Davies County. We still have close cousins living on the farms owned for over 150 years.

    Tim Hull,
    Chico, CA

  5. Hello distant cousin.

    Transcribed from The Pic & Gad 28 May 1908: (mis-spellings as in original print)
    Mrs. Bertha Hebenstreit (nee Shaffer) wife of >Vitus Hebenstreit, died at her home in this city Tuesday morning. May 27th, 1908, at two o’clock. Deceased was born March 7, 1831, in the village of Beverstat, Prussia, where she was united in marriage to Vitus Hebenstreit on the 18th day of January, 1857, who, together with three children, survive, three having preceded her to the Great Beyond. Those surviving are Andrew of this city and Mrs. Anton Stephan and Mrs. Bonsman Four years after her marriage she came direct to Shullsburg with her husband, where they have ever since made their home. Her death was not unexpected, as she has been an invalid for the past ten years, and but seldom left her home. None ever entered her home without a warm welcome, nor left without felling the warmth of a genuine hospitality. Disease did not destroy the charm of a kind and indulgent disposition, nor old age diminish her unselfish solicitude for her friends and loved ones. Adhering to the faith of her fathers, she united with the Roman Catholic church in early life and loved to attend its services when health permitted. While she continued to enjoy the society of her friends and relations. she has for several years realized that her active life was over, and with resignation awaited the Divine call from death unto life. The funeral service will be held Friday forenoon at nine fourty-five o’clock, from St. Matthew’s church in this city.

    1. Kathryn says:

      Hi Katherine,

      I have that original obituary, but I didn’t know the newspaper it was published in. Was that a Shullsburg newspaper.


  6. My Great Grandmother was Caroline (Benz) Van Ningen. Parents; Matteus and Rosina (Eberline). Carolline was Wilemenia Bauseman sister.
    I have pictures of of the Bauseman,

  7. Brittany Davis says:

    Hi Kathryn! I stumbled upon your website and love it. I suppose we would be extended family (my father Jim is a first cousin of yours and my mother is a Hickman), so looking through these photos, I was amazed to see MY family! Thank you for putting faces to so many names. It was wonderful to see photographs of the woman responsible for our amazing brownie recipe (Aunt Viola)!

    Keep up the good work!
    Take Care,
    Brittany Davis

    1. Kathryn says:

      Hi Brittany,

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you liked the photos!

      All the best,

  8. Steve says:

    Hello Kathryn,

    Here a new website about NICHOLAS FEUERSTEIN and JOHANN FEUERSTEIN:

    Have you seen it and if so, how accurately does it present Johann Firestone? Confession: I’m the webmaster. I look forward to your feedback.

    Thanks. -Steve

  9. Ken Kelly says:

    Good Day Kathryn,
    Do you have a copy of the Rev. Herman E. Studier ghost story? Apparently there was a haunted church school house early in his ministry in Iowa, I believe. I’ve had computer problems and can’t find my electronic copy. Did I maybe provide you with a copy back when we were sharing family history? As he wrote his autobiography, so also did he write the ghost story. I look forward to hearing from you. If you find a copy, I’d appreciate receiving a copy back from you.
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards,
    Ken Kelly

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