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Getting caught up

I took an unexpected and extended break due to illness.  I was terribly sick for a couple of weeks, and last week I spent catching up on work that didn’t get done the previous two weeks. So this is my first post of April!

Over the weekend, I attended my first Daughters of the American Revolution event.  There was a speaker who, in character, talked about what it was like for a Union soldier during the Civil War. He dressed in period costume, showed us his gun, and a bunch of other accoutrements. It was very informative. Last year, this same guy must have portrayed a Revolutionary soldier for the group if any wonders why he was portraying a Civil War soldier.

On a side note, I learned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln occurred on April 14 (Good Friday in 1865).  He died April 15, 147 years ago.  Now the date is known in the U.S. as Tax Day!

While ill, I continued to do a bit of genealogy research.  I’ll discuss my intrepid research of an unidentified photo in an upcoming post.