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Willis Deininger Letter

In 1977, Willis J. Deininger wrote to his niece and my grandmother, Marian (Bohnsack) Davis, about their family.  It’s funny, because I worked a long time to figure out Willis’ mom’s siblings.  After I invested a lot of time and effort into the research, I found this note in one of my mom’s binders.  It would have been much more helpful to have found this before I spent all that time.

Willis’ note states “This is all I can find in her [Louisa (Muegge) Deininger’s] old bible, there is nothing about her parents or dads parents names. Sorry I can’t help you more. Willis & all”.

Here’s Willis information:

Willis’ parents: William Deininger,  born May 22, 1860; Louisa Muegge, born June 25, 1866.

William’s siblings:

  • John
  • Barbara – married Charles Menzemer
  • Amelia – married August Geselbracht
  • Mary – married Gotleib Weik

Louisa’s siblings:

  • Julius Muegge
  • Mary – married Paul Reschkowsky
  • Amelia – married John Ulreich

Willis’ siblings:

  • Bertha – married William Studier
  • Rose – married John Jowaski
  • Minnie – married Leo Bohnsack
  • Herbert
  • Clara – married Rex Lyles
  • Amanda – married John Jowaski and Ted Wagner
  • Pauline – married Cliff Dunstan
  • John – married Vivian Brush and Beulah Brush
  • Willis – married Alma Bardell
Willis Deininger Note

Family History

I’ve been researching my family history for about 10 years, give or take.  About 5 years ago, I gave up using software that needed to be installed on a computer. Instead I use ancestry.com’s system.  It allows for me to collaborate with my mom about research and let other family members look at it.  If it was only on my computer, I would not have the collaborative opportunity.  Whether this is  a good or bad thing is open to debate.

Anyway, one of the drawbacks to using a proprietary system like ancestry.com is that those who are not subscribers cannot access research and collaborate.  This blog is another way for me – hopefully – to make connections with people who may be researching the same family names.

My primary research is focused on ancestors from England and Germany.  After they immigrated, they settled in the Midwest, primarily in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana.  Some family names are:  Lightcap, Strelesky, Bausman, Deininger, Wulff, Doose, Hebenstreit, and Davis.