Letter from George Davies to Jacob Davis 3rd

Below is a transcribed letter that the widow of David Mayo Davis gave to my mother and grandmother, Marian Davis, in the early 2000s.  David and my grandfather, Stanley Davis,  were cousins. (Read all of David’s research.)

Written in 1868, the letter is from George Davies to his nephew Jacob Davis III.  George Davies (1803-1880) was the son of Jacob Davies I and Elizabeth Vivian, my 4th great-grandparents.

Jacob III was the son of Jacob Davies II and Jane Blewett, and brother to my 2nd great-grandfather, John B. Davis.

George was living in Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada.  His wife had died the previous month and he is grieving. He talks of going to England where he and his siblings were born and where his parents died.  All were born and raised in Cornwall with baptism at Crowan Parish.

I do not know the name of his wife, but they had three children: Augustus, Elizabeth Ann and George Jr.  Unfortunately, that is the extent of my knowledge on George and his family.

Enjoy the letter!

Letter from George Davies to Jacob Davis 3rd

Transcription of letter:

Canada, June 15, 1868

Dear Nephew:

About three weeks ago I sent a letter to my brother John to inform him of the death of my wife and desired him to send me an answer immediately as I am about to leave for England in a short time. He has not answered me.

My wife died the 17th of last month. I feel myself lonesome. I think by going to England a year will help to wear away grief. Augustus and George are five miles from me. They have a steam engine, working at several things. Elizabeth Ann is close to me. I have several things to sell, but money is very scarce. I must sell as I have no one to look after them. Augustus goes and comes perhaps once a week.

I must conclude with my kind love to you.

From your affectionate Uncle,

Geo. Davies.

Address George Davies
Port Burwell, P.O.
Ontario, Canada

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