Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty Concert Poster
Matchbox Twenty Concert Poster

On February 13, I saw my favorite band in concert when Matchbox Twenty came to Western Michigan University’s Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo on their ‘North’ tour.

“American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips opened for them.  I wasn’t familiar with Phillips but I enjoyed his performance. His music didn’t seem very Idol-like, but it’s been years since I’ve watched the show. As usual, Matchbox Twenty and their lead singer Rob Thomas were AMAZING! Read review.

It’s been ages since Matchbox Twenty has toured.  I’d seen them twice before and Rob Thomas’ solo act three times.  Needless to say- I LOVE them and they didn’t disappoint!

Past Tours attended:

  • Matchbox Twenty – ‘Mad Season’ tour, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Matchbox Twenty – ‘More Than You Think You’ tour, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Rob Thomas – ‘Something to Be’ tour, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Rob Thomas – ‘Something to Be’ tour, at Pine Knob in Clarkston, Michigan (yes, the theatre is technically called DTE since Detroit Edison bought the naming rights.  Kind of like how the Sears Tower has a new name – do you even want to take the time to learn the new name?  Me neither.)
  • Rob Thomas – ‘Cradlesong’ tour, at The Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan

For this concert, I had less than a 10-minute drive to attend.  Favorite band and a short trip – who would ask for more?!

This is the first time I’d attended any concert and taken videos. I don’t have a smart phone, so I used a digital camera. Of course, I had never used the digital camera to video anything before that evening.   Before the concert, I was more concerned that the SD card have enough memory to hold the videos.  I didn’t even think about how to operate the camera until I was sitting in my seat. Then I was sitting there wishing I knew which settings to use.

Matchbox Twenty played for two hours. I taped around 30 minutes of the show, but didn’t realize I had taped so much until the next day when reviewing the video.  What’s funny about the videos is they get worse in quality as the night progresses. My camera holding ability was shaky at best and deteriorated as the evening progressed!

I’ve embedded a couple of the videos from the concert, one with Matchbox Twenty and the only video I took of Phillip Phillips. You can view the rest of my Matchbox Twenty videos on YouTube.  Full concert set list can be found at

Matchbox Twenty performs “Bent”

Phillip Phillips  performs “Home” (song starts at 42 seconds)

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