Lee Bausman and Henry Harms Hit By Train, Die

Another article about the deaths of Lee Bausman and Henry Harms. The car/train accident occurred on 20 November 1919 in Austin, Mower County, Minnesota. Lee was 29 and Henry was 37.

I wish I knew more about Henry Harms. I think he was married with at least six children.  Henry’s nephew William Harms married Lee’s sister Gladys in 1925. Lee and Gladys were paternal cousins of my great-grandmother, Viola (Bausman) Davis Hickman.

Lee Bausman and Henry Harms Hit By Train, Die
Lee Bausman and Henry Harms Hit By Train, Die

Transcription of article:


Iowans Hit By Train At Lyle Die At St. Olaf’s Hospital

Lee Bausman and Henry Harms, whose homes are at Wellsburg, Iowa, were fatally injured at noon today when a Ford roadster in which they were riding was struck by the Milwaukee road passenger train about two and a half miles north of Lyle at the Red Star Crossing. After hitting the machine the train went on to Lyle.  The crew knew nothing of the accident until they saw a fender of the machine hanging on the locomotive. On arriving at the place of the accident, a rescue party from Lyle found that the injured had been taken away in a physician’s automobile. The two men were brought to St. Olaf’s hospital at about 2:30 this afternoon. Harms died shortly after three o’clock and Bausman about 3:35. Letters and papers in the men’s pockets identified them. They were unconscious when brought here. Advices from Lyle state that the wrecked machine had been taken to the city hall.

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