A Treasured Tabby

I’m continuing to clean my computer of unnecessary clutter and found an article I clipped from March 10, 1886. Unfortunately, I didn’t note the paper. A couple was traveling by train to Ipswich, Dakota. At one of the stops along the way, their cat decided it was time to get off the train. The cat left behind a very distraught owner who hoped someone would find his cat.

I sympathize with the owner. I’d be distraught if I lost one of my cats on a trip. Additionally, the articles implies that it’s hard to believe that anyone would get so upset over a CAT! Can you believe it?!

A Treasured Tabby

A Dakota Cat That Receives Considerable Attention

On the train from this south Monday evening there arrived in this city a gentleman and his wife on the way to Ipswich, Dakota. The gentlemen appeared to be in a state of great excitement, and it was presumed by those who saw him that he had suffered some serious affliction. He addressed Ticket Agent Connor at the window and told him that his large gray cat “Chip” had jumped the train at Savannah, and urged the agent to look the cat up at once, saying he would pay almost any price for the return of the pet tabby. He left a reward, and informed
the agent that in the event of his finding “Chip” to notify him by telegraph. At Savannah a brakeman found the cat with a neat collar around its neck to which was attached three bells and with the name ”Chip” engraved on the cellar. The brakeman brought the pet feline to this city and received $5 as a reward for his trouble. Mr. Connor notified the parties by telegraph that “Chip” had been recovered and received a message in reply to take good care of the cat
until further orders.

Paper unknown. March 10, 1886

Gray kitten image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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